VCT Filming: Hound of the Baskervilles

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Shooting date: Monday 8th April 2002

Scene 40   Interior 1st class carriage Baskerville reads the manuscript

                 Characters: Dr. Watson - Ian Hart  

                                   Baskerville - Matt Day   

                                   Dr. Mortimer - John Nettles

Scene 46A  Baskerville and Watson look at a map of the moor

Scene 47A pt   Exterior - Train passes over viaduct.  CGI Plate   2nd Camera  Shots

Scene 49   Exterior. Grimpen station. They are met by Perkins the groom.

Scene 50pt Exterior. Lane near Grimpen station. The wagonette moves off

Scene 137  Exterior: Exeter station.  Rendezvous with Inspector Lestrade. 

                  Characters: Sherlock Holmes - Richard Roxburgh  

                                    Dr. Watson - Ian Hart

                                    Insp. Lestrade - Danny Webb

Grimpen station sequences were filmed at Damems.  Exeter station  sequences were filmed at Keighley.

Carriages provided by Vintage Carriages Trust:  Great Northern Railway brake composite no. 2856

                                                                     Metropolitan Railway brake third no. 427

                                                                     Metropolitan Railway first no. 509

Locomotives used:  52044, Taff Vale Railway no. 85

Producer: Christopher Hall                     Director: David Attwood

Line Producer: Rupert Ryle-Hodges        Location Manager: Tony Clarkson

Co-ordinator: Emily Stillman                  2nd assistant Director: Trevor Kaye    

Tiger Aspect Productions (Hound) Ltd. for BBC TV.


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