VCT News 2012


21 October 2012 - Great Northern Railway six-wheeled Brake

Work continues to replace the ceilings, and the surfacing for the partitions. Life-expired exterior panelling has been removed, a new roof canvas has been fitted and painted, and gas lamp fittings are being installed.


1 October 2012 - October Book Sale

9 September 2012 - Sir Berkeley

Unfortunately, Sir Berkeley was damaged during its visit to Butterley. The rear left hand axlebox ran very hot and this has damaged the axle to the extent that we need to make repairs, which are currently being discussed with KWVR and the Middleton Railway. Whilst we hope to have the loco repaired fairly soon, it does mean that the trip to the Lavender Line has had to be cancelled and hence its proposed visit to Ingrow over the winter, as we were dependent on transport to Ingrow being paid by the hirer.

VCT apologises for any disappointment caused, but we must obviously ensure that the locomotive is fully repaired to an acceptable standard to allow it to continue operating, and this is our priority. The loco should be operating once again, in the near future, with the prospect of spending more time "at home" on the Middleton Railway, next year. 


6 May 2012 - Midland Railway six-wheeled Composite coach

The long term project. Some progress on brake rigging and axle springs.


31 March 2012 - Metropolitan Railway Seven Compartment Brake Third No. 427

Following lifting on to girders, the body has now been jacked clear and is supported so that the underframe can be moved out. This allows work to progress on one half of the underframe. After completion of the first half, a visit was made to Keighley turntable so that the other half of the underframe can be worked on.



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