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VCT publications can be ordered through good bookshops, or may be purchased from the our shop at Ingrow. Visa and other cards accepted for postal sales: contact 01535 680425 or  email for further information.


"Midland Railway Locomotive Album 1880-1910"
Compiled by Robin Higgins. ISBN 0 948530 01 4
Price 1.95 plus 1.40 post & packing

This publication is of a collection of photographs of Midland Railway locomotives which was bequeathed to the Trust several years ago. The photographs are complemented by authoritative captions which took considerable research. Sepia printing is used for the large-format illustrations to add to the quality feel to the book.


"Bellerophon: Haydock to Haworth"
by Vernon Smallwood. ISBN 0 948530 02 2
Price 1.95 plus 60p post & packing

This 49 page booklet contains many details of the Haydock Foundry, its owners, the Evans Family, and the locomotives built and operated there. Bellerophon was built in 1874 - the story of the locomotive's working life, retirement, close encounter with the scrap merchant, rescue and subsequent restoration is presented in an easily readable form. Illustrated with 40 black and white photographs and with a full colour cover.

Chapters include
The Family of Evans and the History of Haydock
Operating problems preceding introduction of the six Haydock engines
Josiah Evans: designer of the six Haydock engines
Features of the new engines
Initial operations
Final days
Preservation and restoration.


"Sir Berkeley and Friends: An impresssion of Manning Wardle's six-wheel saddle tank engines"
by Robert Emblin. ISBN 0 948530 03 0
Price 1.95 plus 60p post & packing

With 21 illustrations this 18 page booklet describes much of the working life of the locomotive Sir Berkeley and its subsequent restoration and preservation.

Tables give specifications of other Manning Wardle products and list other preserved engines from the same stable.


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